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梔子天然色素 Gardenia Natural pigment

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Gardenia yellow pigment is a kind of orange-yellow powder or dark yellow liquid. It is a water-soluble carotenoid, and its aqueous solution is lemon yellow.

With good stability, strong coloring power, good safety, high nutritional value and healthcare effect, it can be used as a food additive.

By enzyme treatment in the process of deep food processing, gardenia yellow pigment can be made into gardenia blue pigment, gardenia green pigment, gardenia red pigment and other natural pigments, which can be used widely in industries including food, cosmetics, etc.

Effects of gardenia natural pigment: good stability and strong coloring power

Gardenia natural pigment is also highly resistant to reduction, microorganisms, light and heat. Its color is barely changed at the pH value of 4-11, and it is stable for metal ions; it has a good attaching effect on starch and protein.

With nutritional value, the gardenia natural pigment is a water-soluble carotenoid that is easily absorbed by the human body and can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, so it is a nutritional colorant.

Healthcare effect: The gardenia natural pigment is effective in clearing heat and eliminating fire, cooling blood and promoting bile, benefiting the gallbladder and lowering cholesterol. It has some healthcare effect, coloring effect and nutritional value.